New sub! These were excellent tips!!! I’ve never seen a video on YouTube that’s this real about school. They always say the same things. This is why I love your channel so much. I can relate to you better I guess. Thank you so much! I’ll continue to keep up with your uploads! Love ya!


Kinza’s videos along with her guidance on my personal statement shows how outstanding the medical school process can be. The community focus and the helpful tips makes her an outstanding youtuber!!! Never before have I seen someone who is willing be so approachable and willing to provide meaningful advice and guidance! She is truly a gem!! Please keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to see more content soon.

This is one of the most underrated YT channels ever. Kinza never disappoints with her videos because she is so honest, helpful, and supportive. She also does a stellar job editing Personal Statements: I sent her mine, and she sent it back with edits just 2 hours later!


My favorite thing about this channel is how transparent and kind you are. I am watching your channel and I find so many interesting tips and I did not even live in USA. I m a subscriber from Ecuador.


You are so transparent! Your channel is the best I’ve come across in regards to tips, tricks, and general advice!! I love how you read through your personal statement and even offer to help viewers with their personal statements! You are awesome!!!!! Keep up the amazing work, you’re going to be a phenomenal doctor one day.


Thank you! :-) Love watching your vids and the fact you spread your knowledge to others. Keep coming with these :D! By the way, I love how you talked about your personal statements -- alot of people DO NOT like to share their personal statements (including some of my friends). So I appreciate this.


I just want to say your channel gives me so much hope to keep pushing forward. Especially as my MCAT and application season rolls around, all the videos helped me keep a level head. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


Just wanted to stop by and let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me - love your youtube and instagram and thank you for helping me push myself every day to work hard to pursue medicine.


I just discovered you on YouTube and quickly became your 150th subscriber! I love how transparent you are with your med school journey.